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Live Beats & Banter @ Mango lounge……………

Live music for most of us is a rarity; it’s a special night out or a music concert, perhaps it’s a busker battling on a windy pavement that treats us .Ask yourself when was the last time you experienced live music? What is live music? I believe it involves a human/s directing an instrument/s of any description/s in a way that emulates sound from this very instrument/s. Sure we have the car radio, the ipod or even our home sound system when we feel like it however I truly believe grooving to some live sounds is unbeatable. Atmosphere is created; a real presence is felt by all as the DJ flicks on another record and smiles, what song is coming on next? The music even sounds better, is it just because there is a person interacting behind a set of decks or is the base deeper? The truth is all these things and more, you have a professional mixing and fine tuning the sound, reading the mood, timing his strike to drop a tune in that rocks your world! When you throw in a nice space, some professional and friendly bar staff, great patrons and a comfortable seat surly this experience is what you are looking for? For me this is not to be missed, this dynamic is what we search for after a busy week, a great week, a shit week, this week. Mango has regular appearances from DJ’s Rocka, D’operator, X and guests.

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20 + plus years and loads of good times and parties in Hospitality later I find myself mixing drinks and talking shit & Mango lounge in Moonee ponds! a venue that boasts live deck play & a credible Cocktail list. Moving on from my role as Brand Ambassador with 42 below Vodka together with the odd earthquake and settling in Melbourne my journey begins again... I hope you enjoy my blog- Jake

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