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Hello esteemed Mango readers, welcome to Mango Lounge Bar’s first ever blog post! For those of you who are new to Mango let me give you a little background of who we are and what we do.

Mango Lounge Bar is a boutique cocktail bar in Moonee Ponds, a short drive or cab ride from the Melbourne CBD. Making sure that our customers enjoy their Mango experience is the number one priority for us. We have a cocktail list that is regularly updated, an enviable beer selection that includes a mixture of Australian and International brews and a smooth wine list. We love creating drinks especially for our customers so we will always strive to meet your every whim (unless of course you are mixing something gross like Baileys and Solo with a dash of Grenadine, in that case we will just smile and ask a few dozen times if that is really what you want).

Music is an integral part of Mango life; we like things just a little different and don’t stray away from mixing things up. Our resident DJ Daniel “D’Operator” Berger is our favourite way to finish off the working week. His music tastes range from the deepest darkest underground disco through to chilled house tunes; you are always pleasantly surprised on Fridays. We also have regular Thursday Jazz nights where we have a live band that creates a suave bar vibe. Mango loves to keep things fresh and shake things up by having parties, guest DJs and our famous ‘Mix-Up’ nights were we can often have 4+ DJs rotating throughout the night.

So that is a small overview of Mango Lounge Bar, in upcoming blogs we will keep you up to date with what is coming up and what has gone down in the world of Mango.

As a small side note Mango is currently experiencing a makeover but we will be up and running very soon so stay tuned for all the surgery details…

Love M xx

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You may know me from my work helping you celebrate your birthday/engagement/Bon Voyage, serving you beers after work, recommending a new beer/wine/cocktail and listening to your tales of triumph and woe.

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