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The fantastic merch, flashy newsletters and of course, an endless maintenance list! We’re also staying on top of the regulations…

The best mango moments part 2

Take a trip back over our almost 19 years in Moonee Ponds! Check out the second part of this mango…

The best mango moments

Take a trip back over our almost 19 years in Moonee Ponds! Check out part 1 of this mango gallery!!!…

More summer nights

Check out whats been happening Friday nights at mango... Photography by lilly-pilly

Christmas Weekend

Super hot in Melbourne but one of our biggest Friday nights on the weekend leading into Christmas! Photography by

Summer Nights...

Summer time at mango begins... Photography by lilly-pilly


The dance floor was cooking with a hybrid of funk-jazz and electronic beats. Another awesome gig by Caterpillar! Photography by…

Derby Day 2019

Check out our post Derby Day Party! Photography by lilly-pilly

Cox Plate 2019 Part 1

Missed the 2 big nights last weekend? Check out the photos and all that went on! Part 2 here...

Cox Plate 2019 Part 2

Part 2 of our Cox Plate weekend... Photography by lilly-pilly

Spring into mango...

Check out our Friday nights at mango! Photography by lilly-pilly

Leipzig Lab

Missed the Leipzig Lab gig? Check out the photos! Photography by lilly-pilly

More Winter Nights...

A super cold weekend with smooth tunes and warming drinks at mango... Photography by lilly-pilly

Winter Nights

Keeping cosy at mango on a cold winter night in Melbourne... Photography by lilly-pilly

Down the Rabbit Hole

An awesome night celebrating our 18th birthday with lots of familiar faces! Photography by lilly-pilly


Another awesome caterpillar gig & Saturday night at mango... Photography by lilly-pilly

Cocktails, pups, celebrations!

A great Friday night celebrating a regulars birthday! Happy birthday Katie! Photography by lilly-pilly

Fridays at Mango

Our Friday nights are ramping up! If you've missed the action check out our gallery... Photography by lilly-pilly

Christmas 2018

Merry Christmas from the mango crew! Check out the photos from our weekend... Photography by lilly-pilly

Your spring mango fix

Missed your mango fix? Check our our latest photo gallery to stay in the loop of what's been going on!

Cox Plate 2018

Another awesome Cox Plate weekend at mango... Photography by lilly-pilly

Farewell Tiffany

An awesome night to farewell one of our staff with the boys behind the decks. Check out the photos... Photography…

Winter 2018

End of week drinks, Julies retirement plus Peter & James spinning the tunes made for an awesome night! Photography by…

Queens Birthday Weekend

Birthday drinks for regulars Matt & Olga, flowing cocktails and smooth tunes by theonlyson! Another awesome night at mango... Photography…

Mango 17th Birthday

It was an awesome night Friday celebrating mango’s 17th birthday! Check out our gallery... Photography by lilly-pilly

Familiar Faces...

Smooth tunes by Alessio Latina and lots of familiar faces... Photography by lilly-pilly

Hello Autumn

Kicking off the new season with martini shaking and tunes... Photography by lilly-pilly

Farewell Summer

Another awesome night at mango with vinyl spinning and cocktails flowing. Thanks Damian and Mary Jane for coming down after…

Christmas 2017 #2

Check out part 2 of our Christmas weekend at mango and part 1 here... Photography by lilly-pilly

Christmas 2017

Check out part 1 of our Christmas weekend at mango and part 2 here... Photography by lilly-pilly

It's Summer!

Lots of big nights over the last few weeks! Photos by by lilly-pilly

Cox Plate 2017

A big night at mango after the 2017 Cox Plate! Photos by by lilly-pilly

Passion and flair

An awesome team but time to say bye to Kris... Caterpillar keeping the crowd grooving on her last night! Photos…

Grand Final Weekend 2017

We’re not so into the footy but always up for a long weekend... Photos by lilly-pilly

Bring on Spring 17

Spring is here and our Friday nights are ramping up! Photos by lilly-pilly

Elvis back in the building

On Friday 18th July 2017 Peter D’Vinyl celebrated the 40 th anniversary of when Elvis left the building. Photography by…

Curls and Keys

Melbourne based blues, soul & jazz duo Curls and Keys performed brought a chilled afternoon of Eva Cassidy to Carole…

Butter Trio

Our live jazz is getting back into full swing! Check out the photos from the Butter Trio gig! Photography by…

Lets Get Lit

If you missed our 16th birthday here are the photos from our UV black light dance party. Our favourite djs,…

Caterpillar 2017

Caterpillar are fat, funky, spacey & delicious and had mango cooking.... Photography by lilly pilly

L Dawg vs Dan

DJ L Dawg and Dan behind the decks for a night that definitely turned into a party!Photography by Photography by…

Summer Nights 2017

If you missed mango in Feb be sure to check out this gallery! Photography by lilly pilly

House Party Summer 2017

Friday nights and our weekly house party at mango have been ramping up! Photography by lilly pilly

Christmas 2016

A big night at mango Friday before Christmas! Photos thanks to Phil Taylor...

L Dawg >>> Dan

If you missed the mix up with L dawg & dan keep an eye for the next one as its…

Mango's 15th Birthday

Lots of familiar faces taking you back one and a half decades! Staff, djs & regular patrons back to the…

Cox Plate 2015

One of the best so far! Great tunes, great crowd and an awesome team!

Cox Plate 2012

Mango Lounge Bars Cox Plate after party, what a fabulous night! Photographs by Darcee Smith.


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Mango's 10th Birthday

Celebrating a decade of Mango!

Cox Plate 2010

Rain was an unfortunate visitor to this years Cox Plate. Despite the cold and wet weather as usual put on…

Bad Santa 2010

Bad Santa is still going strong after all these years, and as always was so much fun. This year saw…

Bad Santa 2009

Santa went retro for the 2009 Bad Santa. 80's fashion, a very strange man who kept being mistaken for someone…

Extravagance Party

Once again Mango Lounge Bar played host to the annual "Dress Extravagantly to give Generously" party. This year guests supported…

Cox Plate 2009

By far the biggest Cox Plate after party Mango has ever seen, the marquee rivaled Moonee Valley Racecourse, champagne and…

The Making of Mango

From humble beginnings into the institution it is today, see where it all began for Mango Lounge Bar.

Cox Plate After Party 2007

While it was in its early years Mango's 2007 Cox Plate after party was still a night to remember. An…

Pirate birthday party aRRh

Mango was transformed into a pirate ship for this gem of a party. One eyed pirates, wenches, parrots, and gallons…

Bad Santa 2007

Ah the virgin Bad Santa, very fun and exciting at the time and painful in the morning. Here you will…

Masquerade Party

From the fabulously elegant to the freaky; masks in all shapes and sizes came out as did the personalities hidden…

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